ICXOM - International Congress on X-ray Optics and Micro Analysis - Open call to organize ICXOM22

Domenica, 1 Settembre, 2013 - 00:00

The 21st edition of the International Congress on X-Ray Optics and Microanalysis (ICXOM) was held in Campinas-SP, Brazil, from 5th to 8th September 2011.  Ca. 150 people attended this well-organized meeting.  The first ICXOM meeting took place in Cambridge, United Kingdom, in 1956.

Since 54 years this conference has been organized in various continents; this year, it took place for the first time in the Southern Hemisphere and in a Latin American country.  While the origins of ICXOM reside with electron microscopy and materials analysis by means of electron beams, most of the more recent editions of the meeting have been hosted by Synchrotron Radiation Facilities. Following this tradition, ICXOM21 has been organized by the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory, LNLS, in Campinas (SP).

The ICXOM meetings are dedicated to bring together scientists and technologists involved in fundamental and applied research in the field of micro and nano analysis by means of X-ray beams, with emphasis on synchrotron radiation, electrons and other energetic particles, or that are active in methodology and instrumental developments.

The ICXOM audience is comprised of people already involved in these fields as well as newcomers.  Presentations of new scientific results from scientists involved in fundamental and applied research from these fields or active in methodological and instrumental developments are made by invited and contributing speakers, demonstrating their recent progress.

As such these conferences provide an excellent opportunity for researchers, students, scientists and technologists to have fruitful discussions, present new or state-of-art results within the conference topics, exchange information with experts already involved in these areas, as well as to establish or renew direct contacts with colleagues during the social program, poster program or at the industrial presentations.

The continuation of the ICXOM series of conferences is ensured by the International Scientific Advisory Committee, composed of the previous organizers of the ICXOM meetings, of which I am the chairman.

On behalf of this committee, we hereby would like to extend an invitation to individual scientists and institutions to express their interest to organize the next edition of the International Congress of X-ray Optics and Microanalysis (ICXOM22) to be held, somewhere in the world, in September 2013.

People interested to organize ICXOM22 are requested to send me BEFORE MONDAY 9 DECEMBER 2012 the following information in concise form:

- Name of organizing institution(s) and main organizer(s)

- Relation to the field of X-ray optics and X-ray microanalysis

- Proposed location of the meeting

- Proposed dates (close to or in September 2013)

- Indications on nearby hotel accommodation and price level

- Indications on nearby airport and means of long-distance transportation

Prospective organizers of ICXOM are requested to consult the conference calendars for 2013 to ensure that the proposed dates for ICXOM22 causes minimal overlap with related conferences in the X-ray analysis and synchrotron radiation field.

Upon receiving proposals, the Int. Sci. Adv. Comm. will confer and hopes to be able to announce the location and dates of ICXOM22 by Monday 2 January 2012.


Current members of the ICXOM Int. Sci. Adv. Comm.:

C. Perez, Campinas; M. Denecke, Karlsruhe; J. Kawai, Kyoto; S. Dabagov, Frascati; A. Simionovici, Grenoble; M. Mantler, Vienna; C. Walker, Karlsruhe; J. Brown, London (Ontario); R. Ogilvie, Boston; K. Janssens, Antwerp (chair).

more info: Prof. Koen Janssens Department of Chemistry - Chairman UNIVERSITY OF ANTWERP


Universiteitsplein 1, B-2610 Antwerp, Belgium

Tel.+32 3 265 23 73, fax. +32 3 265 23 76